Engage to Change

Are your Change Management initiatives failing to meet expectation?

To be truly successful in transforming your business, you must be able to EVIDENCE the change journey. It is only by doing this will you know where and when to target your efforts and investment to realise your expectations.


Evidence Change Model is a tool-kit founded on the tried and tested practices and principles of the proven masters of Change Management including Kotter, Prosci (ADKAR), Cameron & Green and Westernam, Bonnet & McAfee.

By tracking and modelling your Transformation or Change Programme on a ‘live’ and continuous basis, you are able to deploy the correct actions and resources at the right time, and visualise your progress.

Ensuring the Transformation and Change Sponsorship and Leadership is effective is vital to realising the objectives and timetable. Our Evidence Change Model tool-kit provides the process and evidence required to generate the necessary confidence in the organisations state of change readiness.

Sustainable change can only be achieved if the stakeholders become part of the solution. In this way the company retains a high state of change readiness as a cultural norm and also gets best value by balancing the appointment of specialist resource and an internal network of key, trained and motivated, change ‘agents’.

Transformation and Change is complex because your valuable people provide you with the individual skills and behaviours that sets you apart from your competition – and to implement effective change, we need them to all point in the same direction!

We believe that being able to visualise the challenges, identify the areas of resistance and introduce measures to support and fix these challenges will ensure the ‘flow rate’ of change is maximised.


What has long been considered ‘an art’ has now become a Science 

  • Successful transformation is in our DNA – evidence, measure and manage the dynamics
  • Proven track record of leading large scale and complex change across continents
  • Specialists in the design and delivery of adoption practices tailored to your business